Future of Sales Is in the Hands of Chatbots! 4 Chatbots for Business Automation

Cognitive abilities of the machines have made them smarter even than humans. Humans always wished to run their manual or repetitive errands with machines, thanks to chatbots innovation.

Sales department of companies has been revolutionized with marketing bots. Increase in revenues, customer interaction and accuracy has improved performance of sales teams.

AI-powered automation tools for design, business, sales and marketing

A chatbot is a software which is developed with a purpose to understand and do natural language processing. Just feed any question and you’ll get an instant response.

For instance, as a user, you ask for a certain product. It will not only share the best choices but also other related products. If I’m looking for a gym tracksuit, it may also provide options for shoes.

This is one use case and there are tons of others, shows us that machine learning and chatbots hold infinite possibilities for businesses. Let’s list and concise few points.

How can sales be improved with chatbots?

Salesperson is an interface between a company’s product and the end-user. In other words, a face of the company and they tend to stay in inevitable pressure on daily basis.

Chatbots brings service consistency and accuracy

Chatbots handle and process data with precision which humans are prone to lose while doing repetitive tasks. Moreover, humans have emotions and they tend to ‘react’ in different scenarios. Bots, on the other hand, keep calm and neutral in all possible scenarios. We can say, chatbot is also a business intelligence tool.

Handles multiple queries, it’s easy to mature leads

Unlike humans, bots can handle multiple similar queries at the same time. This not only saves time but human effort too. Customers used to ask the basic questions time and again. If they start becoming more and more specific, a bot can redirect them to the sales lead. Thus, maturing leads have become easy.

24/7 helpdesk for consumer services

Chatbots are replacing the concept of traditional helpdesks. Key metrics could be fed to the chatbot based on natural language human questions which they tend to ask usually.

Automate transactions for users

Messaging platforms can now be integrated with different payment methods and this is helping customers to do transactions with relative ease. In short, it shortens the sales process and is less of a headache for a customer to go through the entire sale process.

AI-powered automation tools for design, business, sales and marketing

Access performance, for surveys and feedback

Bots could be used for accessing individual performance. They used to extract reports and thus the performance of a salesperson can easily be evaluated, quarterly or yearly.

4 Chatbots for Business Automation

A busy entrepreneur often wishes of having multiple arms, because spending long hours aren’t sufficient. What if we tell you a way of handling your routine tasks quite easily? Yup chatbots have made our lives easy by automating hard manual tasks.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots have evolved a lot from the origin. Probably, you are using machine learning and chatbots in your daily life such as using Siri, controlling your home through Alexa, voice searches, etc.

Also, we have seen that in case of Alexa and Siri, the conversations are more human-like. Here we are sharing a list of bots for automation of business tasks.


A virtual assistant helps in automating Facebook and Instagram ads. Also a tool which could be used for sending thank you emails, discount coupons etc. Every day, you will get multiple suggestions from Kit for messages which you can send through Messenger and SMS. By simply saying ‘yes’, you can send text messages.

Kit will work for free for Shopify storeowners. It is an official Facebook partner. This tool is compatible for Shopify store plugins, no hardships required.

Tool is for free but applicable for those Shopify storeowners with a $29 plan or higher.

Social Share Bot

Developing content for all social platforms, keeping the audiences active and engaging them via posts is a full time job. You know what, all this can be done via machine learning. Putting it simple, assign all these tasks to a chatbot.

Well managed social accounts help in building brand’s credibility. Best part of Social Share bot is that, whenever you add new products into your Shopify store, this tool will generate a post for Twitter and Pinterest automatically. It randomly picks your content, which you can customize.

5 days’ free trial and a monthly package of $3.


Offers easy access to your website analytics data. How many visitors are on your website right now? from where are they coming? how many visitors were there last week? Etc.

Even NumbersBot learns from you and gradually will draw reports of your interest automatically. Get current sales number and suggestions. It’s a paid tool and is of $9.99 per month.


Looking for an app which acts like a liaison between hundreds of apps? Zapier is the best one. Even if the app doesn’t integrate natively. It allows one app to get connected with the other based on the instructions.

Manage social activity, inbox emails, etc. drag and drop apps like MailChimp or Salesforce or you can build your own integrations.

Initially, the tool is for free and its price may go up to $100 per month.

AI-powered automation tools for design, business, sales and marketing

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