From Where Do I Get Free Stock Photos for Website Design?

One easy way of improving a website is through free stock pictures. And we know there are variety of libraries available for free photos website design.

A small business owner is on a budget when he designs a website. Getting free stock photos is like a treat. Let’s dig deep and see some of the popular free stock photo websites.


It is the largest repository for free photos. The website has high quality public domain photos. Free cliparts, photos, and vector graphics. The repository has over 1.5 million of images and videos. The community of creative people share images and videos free of copyrights.

Even for commercial reasons, there is no need of mentioning the name of the artist.

A useful website where you can find 1500 free and quality images. The images are mainly contributed by three photographers. Categories for which you can explore images from this website are: animal, city and architecture, food and drinks, people, objects and technology.

Skitter Photos

Handful of amateur Netherlands photographers are contributing to this free stock photos website. For website design, these images are immaculate and of high resolution. Photographers around the world are showcasing their work on Skitter photos. The website offers an opportunity for skilled and amateur photographers alike.

Startup Stock Photos

A library of free stock images which are relatable for startup businesses. Most of the images on the website involve laptops, cityscape, office space etc.

Negative Space

A platform for creative photographers to share their work and get acknowledged. Categories featured on the website are: black and white, food, architecture, animals, abstract, landscapes, people, nature, transport, technology, work, business, street, and sports.


More than 8000 images are on the website and new ones are added daily. The website also features a blog where they post blogs on photography and there are reports for photographic adventures.

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