Google Campaign Power Tips for Black Friday Sales

Holiday season is the time when consumers flock onto the websites and purchase gifts online. The time period of 6-8 weeks is crucial for online merchants.

And this isn’t surprising that 40-50% of the annual sales are made through Black Friday sales or holiday season sales. When consumers start searching or shopping online, 35% of them take Google search. And 52% clicks come from Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

This percentage is no wonder as Google shopping is heading forward with a breakneck speed. More and more customers are clicking on Google PLAs than going to brand websites or searching on an Amazon store.

Here are some Google campaign tips for Black Friday sales.

Tip #1 Footing of your Google campaign for Black Friday Sales is the ‘product feed’

What’s this? It’s simply a feed which contains your products according to the specifications of Google which is submitted on Google Merchant Center. The strength of your product feed is key determining factor if you appear in search results for Black Friday sales or not. So, don’t miss out on specifications while submission.

Tip #2 Optimize your product titles and descriptions

When you are launching your shopping campaign, you don’t go for selecting keywords and then rank products. Rather your PLAs can influence the keywords. You may not have time for reworking on the whole feed, but you can surely update titles and descriptions. Add important keywords in titles and descriptions, and be descriptive without being spammy.

Tip #3 Look out for product disapprovals

It may happen because of many reasons such as an issue with the image on the product page. The rate of product disapprovals is 10-15% normally. This is devastating if this is happening on your top selling products which are part of Black Friday sales.

Tip #4 Bid separately for each product

Very rare is the case we see bidding for a group of products. You can see the aggregate data but won’t see how each product is performing. Look which one of the products are high performers and which ones are not right.

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