How to Build Highly Convertible Landing Pages? Examples of Top Brands

landing page design

If a landing page isn’t letting the customer perform desired action, then you should think of revamping it. However, landing page essentials are tricky for understanding.

Building a good landing page design doesn’t involve any rocket science. But designing a website which is more than just a ‘good design’ consumes research where you dig into ‘what customer desires for?’

How Should I Redesign or Recreate My Website

Before we move forward towards landing page design and improvement tips, we want to make it clear that there is no standard manual for designing a website. Since every website has different types of customers, different call-to-actions and navigation patterns.

Top 10 User Friendly Facts of a Website

Landing pages are ‘entry points’ so they must leave an impression. Especially in inbound marketing, landing page plays crucial role because opt-in emails, organic traffic, subscriptions etc. all can only be done successfully if they are designed well.

Relevant data, getting people excited to buy

You can build different styles of landing pages. Mainly, it should entice target audience and engage them. Your landing page must include all the relevant data, eliminating all unnecessary noise from the page i.e. unimportant sections/content.

An impressive landing page design speaks to the target audience and encourage them in buying stuff.

Shown below is the screenshot from Apple’s page. Content both written and images are in context and less complicated. Three simple copy words ‘Wireless, Effortless, Magical’ with large larger than life image is enough for captivating the online visitor’s interest.

The page design is clean, automatically draws attention towards CTAs (Call-to-Actions) which aren’t popping out unlike done in most of the designs.

As we scroll down the landing page, we find more stellar images and captivating copy. The page hits core tech features and yet follows the simplicity.

What you can learn from Apple?

Since we know there are no hard and fast rules for designing a landing page. However, from Apple Airpods landing page, we can draw some specific points.

Photography, stellar images – They have used larger than life images. They showcased images of the products showcasing the features. Page starts with a 360-degree view which is compelling in itself.

Video – You can embed a video or activate through a link. However, try to keep landing page videos short. Video of few seconds, less than a minute are sufficient as you don’t want a slow page speed.

Use bold and easy-to-read headlines – content/copy is really important. User when lands on a page he or she reads the headline and then moves on to body text.

Navigation – keep it simple as we can see on the landing page of Apple’s Airpods. Simple yet minimal navigation but don’t distract user from performing the major tasks.


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