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How to Drive Sales from Live Chat?

Live chat helps you answer questions, clarify concerns, cross-sell and up-sell. This helps in boosting the number of day-to-day orders and average order value.

Small ecommerce business sales are volatile as they are in constant need of repeated customers (since acquiring new ones is even tougher). However, brick and mortar business runs on trust and personal influences. You can deliver similar personal influence by integrating live chat or being available to the customer all the times.

MarTech shares stats that 51% customers more likely buy from ecommerce websites which offer live chat. If you are running a small ecommerce business, then you probably afford few hours for the personalized experience.

Question here, few hours sufficient? Fortunately, yes. You just have to pick those hours carefully. Having live chat on ecommerce websites isn’t like opening floodgates. Here are some tips for making better efforts.

Open your live chat windows during peak traffic hours

In brick and mortar stores, they work harder during weekends as they expect more sales. Same rules apply online, pick the busiest hours of your online ecommerce store and set live chat.

A detailed look into traffic patterns can be seen by integrating Google Analytics into Shopify store. The platform does have an in-built tools for measuring stats. In short, you can see the peak hours through the provided data and dedicate a task force.

Choose 2 hours of your peak times initially and start chatting. Pay close attention to number of chats received and how productive they were. Eventually, you will find a timeslot which is the hottest amongst all.

Control your chatbots window

A live chatbots software must be in control of when and how it will display on the ecommerce website. Make sure you can hide or disclose chat option on most selling pages. Also, chatbots must send automated messages based on customer behavior, such as if a customer is staying long on the website. You can measure the time spent and track their IP addresses. This way if the customer leaves the website, he can still be retargeted on different platforms.

Start experimenting with chat box placement. There are certain instances for consideration here.

1- If a customer is viewing his or her shopping cart, that’s the perfect time to launch a chat box.

2- Show chat box on new product pages or best sellers.

3- Send brief greeting after user stays for 20-30 seconds.

4- Showing chat options for those visitors who come through email promotions or display ads.

5- Chat options for visitors of particular geography.

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