Increase Ecommerce Sales in 2018 by Using These Tips

You built a website, promoted on Facebook and got a lot of traffic but no one is buying?

Ever happened to you?

Most of us think that if they have set up the ecommerce website and spending money on ads, they will get good amount of revenue. This doesn’t work always.

Getting visitors on the website is just one step towards conversion. And mind it, conversion doesn’t happen, you have to optimize it. Follow some tips here.

Conversion rates understanding can help

Conversion is the percentage of visitors who visit the website and perform asked action. First understand your goals and then drive conversions as according.

There are different types of conversions we consider for an ecommerce website:

  • -User making an online sale
  • -User adding product into a cart
  • -Email signups
  • -Social media shares
  • -Or any KPI a company sets

What is the good conversion rate for an ecommerce website?

Around 1-2% is the average e-commerce website conversion rate. Even if you are doing everything on track both from website performance to marketing; conversion rate may go up to 2% maximum.

Use conversion analysis tools

Dealt with your current conversion rate issues through conversion analysis tools. Some of the top of the list tools include: inspectlet, mixpanel, crazy egg, Google analytics, webmaster and BigCommerce analytics. These tools scroll down user interactions by using heatmaps, scrollmaps and overlay tools.

Mixpanel, for instance, place eye catching tags on ecommerce website different elements as this allows viewing website visitors’ actions.

Inspectlet, is really helpful in monitoring every single move of a user on your website. This tool provides user IP addresses, locations, and how long a visitor stayed on a website.

Use high-quality product images

Think from customer point of view. If you go to an online store, you want the best images of the product. Using multiple and high-quality product images. Show as detailed image as possible so that a customer knows what he is getting (if he opts for purchase).

Try offering free shipping

Almost 80% of the customers move out of the cart when they see shipping charges. If you offer free shipping on products, a user may think he is getting a deal and who doesn’t like getting one.

You think that you can’t cover shipping cost. Cover the price in the product price and make it sound like a deal.

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