Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Insta Tags for More Followers?

instagram hashtags

In order to get to know about the usage of Instagram hashtags for more followers, first you should understand ‘how they work’. Hashtags in a post makes it more clickable and increases the possibility of its reach and engagement.

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Any phrase or word can turn into a hashtag as long as # is placed before the words/phrases. User when clicks on a hashtag, he is taken to discover feed where all the public content under the hashtag displays. People click on the hashtags and it’s a way of finding content on Instagram.

If you are using the right hashtags, you are getting the right target audience. ‘Right’ here means relevant to your business/field.

The platform already knew the importance of Instagram hashtags which is why they have expanded the functionality. Brands can use the tags in their bios, and even stories they post.

There are different types of Instagram hashtags, let us help you know. If you know the types, you will be better able strategizing hashtags.

Branded / Bio Hashtags

Branded hashtags are the ones specifically used by the brand. That’s why you can commonly found them in bios / profiles. These hashtags encourage user-generated content as whenever it’s shared by the user, hashtags are generating awareness for the brand.

Location hashtags

Local vendors or local business owners can use them for hitting the local audiences. However, such hashtags won’t helpful for all ecommerce shop owners.

Entertainment / Funny Hashtags

These hashtags won’t increase your followers but engage your current audience. Also, the hashtags have little to do with the brand in itself. Rather they are meant for entertainment only. In the given example, #getitgirl and #shopitlikeithot are entertainment hashtags.

Mass Appeal / General Hashtags

They are generic in nature and can be used in almost any post. Since they are used frequently so they are the sought out or popular keywords too for attracting new followers.

Time-Based Hashtags

Holidays, time of the day or even time of the day could be used as a hashtag. Users love seeking out holiday content in particular. One of the popular Instagram hashtag is #caseofthemondays. An example given below used #sunsout hashtag.

Trending Hashtags

Tap on the current events and see what are the trending hashtags. They are short-lived and never produced evergreen results. However, you can use the hashtag for time-being results / engagement.

How Many Hashtags Must Be Used in an Instagram Post?

You can use up to thirty hashtags in a post. Never the less, the proportion for any type of post varies. From 2-30, research data is inconsistent. Some say use all thirty while others say use few 3-4. You can start test posting and will see over time which of your posts with certain hashtags are performing well.

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