Instagram for business – 12 tips to use it expeditiously!

If you thought you did not need Instagram for your business, you're wrong! Since Apple launched this innovative application in 2010, it has only grown as foam, and what at first could be a mere distraction for lovers of photography, has become a powerful tool for businesses and brands. With 500 million monthly users, there is no doubt that this social network is at the forefront as far as content is concerned and that you can get more out of it than we think. We tell you a series of actions you can take to implement your business strategy in this social network without spending a cent. Be attentive! Register with your brand name and be consistent -  If you already have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google +, use the same username for everyone. It will improve your positioning and facilitate your search. Start publishing quality content - It is not at all attractive to see a semi empty Instagram account. Publish periodically, without going over. Find other accounts similar to yours to see the trends, what they usually communicate and how. Take this as an inspiration and create unique content on the same line. Never copy. Find related followers - Search for other brands and businesses related to yours and select active users who comment on their photos and follow them. Add all these people to your profile too through following them and  interacting with them. Take advantage of the followers of your other social networks - Communicate about your Instagram account launch on your other networks. Publish posts about your new foray into this APP and share some Instagram publications on your other networks, especially videos, but eventually, you should not abuse duplicate content. Use HASHTAGS - Do a rigorous research of trendy words, search and find the most active hashtags in your community and business environment and use them in all your publications. Comment on your followers' posts - Interact with them by giving them likes on their posts. Follow your followers and reward them from time to time with a prize. Advance offers and important news. Instagram is totally a visual App. Use it to show in the first place a first release, a new news or a special offer or promotion giving power to the image. Make competitions - It works very well in this tool to encourage contests that previously have to follow the account, share publication and appoint friends. That way people will get to know you more easily. Tell it also in your other RRSS feeds. Evaluate and investigate what are the days and times where most movement and interactions occur and establish a calendar to publish. Measure your activity and presence on Instagram and discover your metrics. Publish quality photographs, with filters and also without filters. And above all, take advantage of the video. Tell stories. The movement always attracts more sight. Finally, check the Instagram page for companies and do not lose sight of it. Http:// Are you still considering launching yourself and making the leap to Instagram? It's the moment! A picture is worth a thousand words, and in Instagram we can conjugate image and 1000 words! For your assistance, we offer social media marketing services. So, knock at us and ensure your presence in the social media now!

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