Know Some Powerful Ways of Using AI into Ecommerce

Tech giants such as Google and Microsoft are already investing in AI initiatives because of the immense potential it carries. Google acquired DeepMind startup, an AI company is one such clear indication.

Some of the Ecommerce businesses are already using AI for getting better insight into customer experience, and lead generation.

Chatbots are taking over the ecommerce market. According to Business Insider, as much as 85% of the customer interactions will take place without human interference by 2020.

Hire ecommerce experts and a machine learning expert for the services. Following are few ways of using AI in the ecommerce industry.

1- User-based search algorithms, visual searches

Consumers often leave the ecommerce store or abandon purchase cart because of the irrelevant display of product pages. Deal with this problem by utilizing natural language processing as this helps in narrowing and contextualizing the online search results of a customer.

AI software tags and organizes content / image searches by seeking the benefit of machine learning. You can tech AI to understand any concept either it’s a logo, design aesthetics or product strategy. Use of new models in conjunction with pre-built models help in browsing and searching media assets.

Image recognition software by Pinterest is one example. You can pick an object or product from the image and similar product images will appear in search results. Ebay, Target and Pinterest are using AI for making product searches easy.

AI Pinterest Visual Search Example

2- Retargeting, it brings in more sales

Conversica states that sales team doesn’t follow 33% of the marketing leads. This means your potential customers may fall into inevitable loopholes of the purchase cycle. Further, there are many businesses which have unmanageable customer data which companies can use for business intelligence.

For instance, if a customer spends good amount of time surfing for one type of product, AI will store this information for next visits. Based on in-store time, AI can offer special discounts and compel users for purchase.

3- Robots as customer sales representatives

Chatbots are deployed in almost every ecommerce business no matter the size. Mainly because human customer sales representative can handle a query at a time whereas chatbots can answer hundreds of queries all at the same time based on its learned patterns.

Google launched Duplex which interacted with the human receptionist and booked a salon appointment. It’s not clear how Google will use Duplex in future but as it offers human-like interactions, possibilities are huge.

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