Know Smart Ways for Optimizing ICO Marketing

ways for ico marketing

Decentralized market and ICOs are trending majorly because 2017 was the golden period and still in 2018, we are witnessing a boom in crowdfunding. A blockchain based crowdfunding platform cannot succeed without proper ICO marketing.

Investors are keenly interested in ICOs because return on investments is much higher than the initial investment. However, there are risks involved. An ICO must run on a genuine idea and address real-world problems.

In order to prove ICO idea vitality, and gain trust of an ICO, hire ICO experts or blockchain experts. They know their domain and helps in optimizing ICO marketing efforts too.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways for optimizing ICO marketing efforts is using the email channel. The term email marketing isn’t new but the message and reach through this medium is effective. For that matter, customer data is the key.

You can run email campaigns to the selected list you have of a customer data for quick results. For viable results, segmentation of target audience is important. Once you know the interest of your target audience after the vetting process of experimentation, you’ll get amazing results.

And for a long term results, build your own email list over time. For many ICOs this is not possible because of the time constraints. However, ICO marketing agencies have their opt-in lists of customers.

Bounty Program

A bounty program serves as a marketing channel. It is an incentive-based reward method and a crucial part of ICO development. Marketers never forget adding this part into the ICO.

Making ICO viral is the goal behind incentivizing investors or the participants of the ICO.  Ideally, it should start as soon as the pre-ICO sale.

Airdropping is another program gaining traction because it’s the way of offering free tokens too. For making airdropping programs successful, plan strategically.

Offering too little or no rewards at all, you will run a risk of not optimizing your fundraising campaigns. Start airdropping before pre-sale or between pre-sales and main ICO sales.

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