Low Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Today

When a venture consumes little to none financial investment in the start, it decreases the pressure on an entrepreneur for getting successful. That’s why we will focus on low investment business ideas here.

You bought a stock, packed, picked and delivered/shipped - all steps are part of inventory management and require a lot of commitment for an online business.

Starting a new business is quite risky but the risk of losing it decreases when the initial investment is a meager amount or zero. Best thing of low investment is, you don’t fear failure. Worse thing in starting a small business idea is ‘not testing the business idea in the set target market’.

We have really interesting two low investment business ideas. No need for inventory.

1- A dropshipping store, no inventory stocking

Dropshipping store involves third party for inventory and receives customer orders directly. Acts as a bridge between client and a customer. Just maintain sales and stop worrying about the inventory. However, there are a lot of factors you should consider like telling the seller stores for keeping a particular product in stock so that demand and supply cycle never stops.

Buy an item at low price and sell it on profit margin, is simply the dropshipping model and it’s not a new form of business.

Another idea for running small business idea of dropshipping is curating product of choice from different sellers by picking a specific niche. When a customer picks up a product and places an order, supplier receives it and he fulfills the requirement in given period of time.

You may find local and overseas suppliers but always ask for the sample before delivering to actual customers. Dropshipping is a low investment way of testing products before marketing.

2- Print-on-demand product designing and selling

Print-on-demand is another dropshipping model where inventory, shipping, and order fulfillment is at the hands of a third party seller. Unlike the above idea, here you can sell customized products.

Idea is, customizing products and selling original products. Tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc. are actually the creativity canvases. You can use witty slogans and motivate the community lovers (for instance, cat lovers).

If you are not a designer, you can engage a designer from freelancing websites or hire web designer from our team.

There are many print-on-demand platforms, easily integrates with Shopify store. Hire Shopify experts, as they will build an ecommerce store with customized features. Print on demand is one of the features.

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