How Machine Learning Is Improving Product Searches?

voice search in ecommerce

Multiple ways of website optimization are there but the most of the ecommerce business owners ignore the on-site product searches. Fact of the matter is; product search is the least concerned feature. Let us share a stat with you.

72% of the desktop searches don’t return relevant results for questions/ queries having synonyms, misspelled words or searches with product / item / model number.

If you are failing to address searches of your customers, you are losing most of them. Especially this is true for customers who are coming through on-site search bar.

Most of us think that machine learning is misinterpreted or exaggerated but it has improved ecommerce industry in many ways possible. Product searches over the website is progressive with machine learning, let’s explore how.

Misspelled words - How can I improve search results for misspelled words?

You lose revenue opportunities when your customer doesn’t get his answer via query. Almost 25% of ecommerce search queries are misspelled. And customers don’t take the blame that they’re misspelling that’s why they’re not getting the results.

Majority of the customers leave the website in 2 minutes or less if they don’t get what there are looking for.

Here we’re giving the example of Zalando. They tackled the issues through deep learning. For improving the search experience, they developed a neural network which can process common misspells in different languages. The brand is coping with the issue of misspelling in English and German.

Voice searched supported by AI - How can a voice search help my brand grow?

Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer brand and they have deployed voice search supported by AI. Easy to wear and easy to buy designs can easily search through voice activated mobile app. You can interact with the app through voice, text or even images. The virtual assistant guides the user suggestion for personalized looks.

Personalized looks are based on occasion, and past purchases. Also, this app can be summoned through Google assistant. In order to develop a fully guided experience for user, they have worked on machine learning tactics and Google for easy online shopping.
Voice commerce will become $40 billion industry by the year 2020.

Visual searches – How a visual search can help in product search?

Like Uniqlo, Bohoo is one of the apparel brand utilizing visual search powered by camera. Social media has actually brought this feature into light when it displays ‘as seen on’ and offer suggestions.

Targeting image searching shoppers / users by utilizing machine learning in ecommerce is what Bohoo is doing. They partnered with Syte, a startup with a concept of image recognition technology for online retailers. Through the technology, retailers can add image search into their mobile apps/ mobile web versions.

There is a camera icon into the search bar which allows user to upload pictures and discover the most visually related product a brand has in stock. Also, they are shown the related products with ‘shop the look’ for curated appeal.

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