Make Your Ecommerce Home Page Convert Well with These Tips

Before you start thinking of investing on your ecommerce website via paid campaigns on Google (search and display ads), social media and more, consider ‘look-and-feel’ of the site imperative.

You can get maximum traffic on your website but it won’t be of any use if you don’t optimize your website design, navigation – overall user experience.

If you know what you want from a website, then hire Magento developer. If you want boost in reach than consult digital marketing expert.

Try setting up analytics and improvise site structure and design as according to your user likes and dislikes.

Turn website shoppers into buyers by adopting these simple tips.

Conduct 5 Seconds Test

Wear customer goggles for 5 seconds and ask yourself few questions.

-Is my homepage telling what am I selling?

-Does a customer trust sharing his personal information (i.e. credit card etc.)?

If the answer is no or you are in the middle of deciding if the above said is true or not. Probably it’s time you start thinking of working on a website.

There are number of website areas for an impactful conversion. We suggest, start with the fundamental factor – the design part.

Clean Website Design with Product Focus

A user when lands on a website he should get painfully obvious product selling message. A simple website design with focus on large and high-quality images is direct and professional. Complex design with millions of little things over it confuses the user. Product navigation if difficult distracts user’s buying behavior. Imagine if a user likes a product but he doesn’t find the shipping page information easily, he may change his mind in seconds.

Display Phone Number on Each Product Page

If the feature of displaying phone number or immediate contact number goes with your product design, then do showcase on each of the product page. Buyers get trust because they don’t consider such business a fly-by-night operation.

Do mention that if a customer faces issue with the product or an ecommerce store, you are just a phone call away. Such a help improves customer confidence towards buying.

Clear Pricing and Shipping Information

Nobody likes getting deceived over prices or shipping charges. If there is any free shipping information which goes with the product, list it clearly along with the product.

That’s a fact that most of the users leave shopping cart when they found high shipping prices. Justifying price rates is another important tip while listing product pages.

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