Mobile App Design Navigation Must Be Self Evident

Mobile app design is not only about looks but the practicality and the navigation patterns. User experience pays you ultimately. A user cycle is all about how well a user can interact with the product and smoothly performs the said action.

There are different navigation practices ideal for mobile app design.

Do you know 49% of the mobile users use thumb for performing tasks?

Steven Hoober conducted a study where he finds out that 49% of the people use mobile through their thumbs. Place most-used actions at the bottom of the screen. This improves the app usability for the user. If you follow this practice, user can perform actions via one to two hands. Try considering ease factor whenever you design mobile app.

Switching between feature through tab bar

Facebook, Instagram and many other apps place their useful features at the bottom tab bar. For instance, Instagram has inducted all its core functionality features in the tab bar. Why so? It ensures switching between features quick.

Also, a UI designer can place a display a badge on the icons if there is something new.

Keep only the most relevant information in the tab bar and the one with frequent use. Avoid colorable icons in the tab bar, different shapes can do the job of distinction.

app navigation

Cards for naturally revealing the content

Use cards for mobile app design interface. Show actionable content through cards. Also, they are the source of showcasing content naturally. Cards add fun feel for swiping action.

Full-screen navigation

In this type of navigation option, homepage has navigation elements all over and it’s opposite of saving space. However, such type of navigation is ideally good for food apps. Such apps use engaging images and stay simple on the outlook. Obviously, entice images and colors are used.

app navigation

Search icon for freedom

User needs freedom and not the locked up space where information is dispersed. Search icon is kind of freedom where a user can search for the information ‘he wants to see’. Don’t hide it, rather make it look visible.

app navigation

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