Mobile App Trends to Watch Out in 2019

mobile app trends 2019

Our personal and professional lives are overwhelmed by the ease delivered via mobile apps in the recent few years. Mainly because they are so handy and perfect for our day-to-day routine work that we literally are depending on them.

From messaging apps to booking cabs, cooking food and shopping apps, we can easily assess revenue generation of mobile apps in billions. In fact, Statista stated that mobile apps will generate 188.9 billion USD in 2020.

In this blog, you will see mobile app development trends 2019.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

AR and VR are delivering more realistic experiences to the end consumer. These two technologies were actively in use in almost all industries. Although, we have seen more of the implications in gaming.

We have seen marketers using these technologies for boosting their campaigns and targeting audiences better. In future, we will see more and more marketers using AR/VR for speeding up the buying process.

Chatbots Applications

Personalized responses to user queries has improved in real time via chatbots. They are integrated more vividly in 2018 and the trend will amplify in 2019. Self-service providing chatbots were first used by Facebook, Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn but now they are integrated into every second online business.

The conversational interface has increased the productivity of businesses and also provided a layer of improved functionality for the end user. Any user can get instant response in real time through chatbots, they are fed with the data using machine learning and AI technologies.

Best of using chatbots is, with every user interaction, the bot becomes more efficient in answering queries. This with many other implications for mobile app development trends are getting traction.

Cash payments to e-wallets and mobile payments

The way customers are shopping and making payments is changing. The latest mobile app trend in the fintech sector is the e-wallets or mobile payments. Merchants are more keen in bringing lesser number of checkout steps. This makes the buying process quicker.

According to market stats, India alone mobile payment market will exceed 7 billion USD by 2023.

Blockchain and ICOs

Blockchain technology is eliminating the roles of third party, hence making the payments or business activity transparent. From business organization to social cause, the applications of blockchain technology has surpassed.

ICOs raised $8.8 billion in the first quarter of 2018. ICO is a trendy new way of raising funds for a blockchain project / startup.

ICOs and blockchain projects optimization on mobile devices is a must-have thing.

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