How Often Should I Redesign or Recreate My Website?

website redesign

A common mistake almost every second entrepreneur does is, developing a new website and ignoring it for the next 5-10 years.

If a website is not updated, it will poorly affect business. There are innumerable business owners who are willing to spend on marketing campaigns but reluctant on website redesign.

A website is an extension of your business, bear in mind. Although there is no timeline about how often should you think of website redesign but you should think of it at least after a 2-3 years. But if you feel like there is a feature upgrade, the process could be on-going.

Does your website talk to customers?

A website if not at-a-glance friendly that means user may find it hard to navigate. Examine website if the consumer is getting the information for what he is searching. If a visitor won’t navigate through your website in 5 seconds, he will lose interest. Hire web designer if you want a professional and updated website.

Ask if your website still working for you?

Are you getting the right amount of traffic? Are your customers giving response or not? What is the bounce rate of a website? If it’s increasing, then it’s an indication that you should update or go for web design option.

Is it Outdated?

Are there new trends that are used by everyone for user experience? Compare if your website is meeting the demand. Also if your marketing doesn’t match with your website logo and scheme, it’s time for a change.

Is it mobile friendly?

A website must have mobile friendly version. If a user opens a website on mobile and gets a badly structured or we can say layout of design elements, he will leave forever. Google thinks of this fact, the same way.

Is your content out of context or wrong?

Often a website contact details change or other information. It must be right there on a website. Moreover, make your content look relevant on the web pages while website redesign process.

Is the speed of web pages slow?

Slow loading of web pages affects negatively on a website performance. Slow websites usually have high bounce rate and low retention rates.

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