Some Old School Tips for Better Ecommerce Store Sales

ecommerce store sales

Are you selling the products your customers are looking for? Do you offer better quality and pricing? Does your store has easy user experience? Design and content in harmony? Literally, single out every other concern which pops up in your mind related to your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce sales aren’t easy, even sales efforts take months for customer behavior understanding.

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Here are few ecommerce tips for making the most sales.

Earn your customer trust

In old school, customers were made on trust. That is the reason why, word of mouth marketing was really strong. Through an online store, you can do the same by delivering quality products.

If you win trust, you will build credibility.

Every company has a unique value preposition. First develop that, and then cash on it by delivering the best of your products.

Tell visitors a story i.e. who you are, where you are located, company’s contact etc. Your customer should know about your success stories with real customer images.

Put together all the information

Do market research, what your customers are looking for, their intentions, buying behaviors and their problems.

Seek data from analytics, as it groups shoppers with same behavior.

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Appropriate content

Strategize content for authenticity such as product recommendations, and supporting content (testimonials).

While making strategy, look into competitors designed navigation and see tools for data analysis like Google Analytics. This tool is really helpful.

Show related products if a customer is showing interest in one of your products. Don’t hesitate in doing upselling and cross-selling.

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Product alerts

Users often gather products in their wish lists and shopping carts and forget. You can create email alerts or remind them through newsletters.

A pro ecommerce sales tip can help small businesses.

Also, if a user is signing up and not buying, it’s an indication that he is interested in your products. You can send them product alerts too.

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Listen to user concerns

Objections and concerns must be answered and pay attention to. Don’t frustrate your customer, as they are your brand ambassadors. Small businesses can’t afford angry or annoyed customers. Establish a reliable support.

Follow up after the sale

Send email of confirmation with the same product details as a user was presented at the time of checkout.

Do explain how a customer can modify or cancel his order clearly in the email. Do show order status, history and support options in the email.

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