How to Optimize Ecommerce Site Product Page?

Product page of an ecommerce website deserves the most attention. The UX elements, their placement, images resolution and the overall customer experience – all should sync well. Hire ecommerce developer for professional services.

Why are product images important?

Product pictures communicate well than text information. Before reading text information i.e. product description, a user goes through all the images of the product, images break the opinion of the user and converts him or her into a potential buyer.

People now tend to shop online, they have the ease of selecting product images and then formulate an opinion. Though they can’t touch the product but this gap can be filled with high-quality product images.

Lastly, high-resolution pictures act as brand ambassador on the product page.

Check out optimization tips for an ecommerce product page.

1- Product angles, zooming function

Offer product images from various angles. Zooming functionality helps the user see product features. Create a user experience as he or she is walking through the store.

Adding zooming function is a simple feature which can be done through simple plugin. It is worth the cost, even if your website has zooming feature, add various product images with zooming. Do include images which showcase the most important parts of the product.

2- Mapping out product page elements

Optimize your ecommerce page with most used elements which have been used in successful ecommerce websites. Dedicate resources for testing each and every component of your product page.

Never miss customer check-points as they determine the interest and where the customer lifecycle is breaking. Also, the order in which each component displays while the page starts loading is a significant indication for a user to see which part is most crucial.

3- Display color variants

Customers like to see color variants other than the one in main display window. They do not like receiving a different color variant for the product they ordered. If you have more than one color options, do display on the product page.

4- Clear shipping information

Display shipping information right next to price tag. Either it’s free or there are any charges, do make it clear. Is there any return policy, do tell your users about your company practices.

High shipping rate is the top rated reason why customer leaves the purchase cycle. Around 93% customers may purchase more products if there is no shipping fee.

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