What should a PHP developer do to become a good programmer?

In one of the recent surveys, it has been found that nearly 20 million web domains use php. Facebook, Wikipedia, Baidu, Weibo, WordPress, Drupal, etc. are on php. This shows that php is not an only most in-demand backend server-side programming language but it’s popular too.

Let’s sail through some of the tips for php developer if he or she wants to become a good web developer.

Php core functions and classes

If you are trying to perform some common function, then there are fair chances that you could find php function or class which is already existing in the php manual. Check out php.net/manual/en/ before putting your effort to develop common functions.

Single useful file with all necessary settings

Don’t scatter your database connection settings, rather create a configuration file or can say master file which would consist of all the settings. Add that in your php scripts. Later, for any changes, having one single file will feel like a blessing. Using constants and functions throughout multiple scripts is another advantage of having one master file.

Sanitize database inputs for protection

You should have a clear picture of what SQL injections are because if you are not sanitizing your data inputs in a database, it would cause a problem in future. Also, get to know the popular ways of compromising a web application before doing the solution. Cross-site scripting attacks could also be prevented through SQL injection and htmlspecialchars when you’ll be rending html.

Keep the error reporting on while development

Php White Screen of Death may tell you that there is something wrong but will never lead you to the real cause. While in the development stage of a web application, keep the error_reporting and error_display on. It helps in curing the runtime errors whenever they come.

Commenting on a code is a good practice

Documentation of a code needs proper commenting as it is considered to be the good practice. Don’t forget to comment the complicated code parts so when you return to the development after some time, you remember.

Be part of the php developers’ community

Even if you think you know all, there are chances that you don’t. There are thousands of ways to perform a php function and you may be missing out the easiest one. Join php developers’ community in order to know current practices and trends being followed.

Believe it or not, you’ll learn new ways of doing things which you may be missing currently.

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