Prepare Your Store for Upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are good cashing opportunities for ecommerce business. November is that time of the year where most of the people buy stuff at discounted prices. And, do you know $1 billion were sold collectively by Shopify merchants last year.  Shoppers spent billions more on businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world. Black Friday is coming on 23rd of November and Cyber Monday is on 26th of November this year. It means, these two big events are just around the corner and you should prepare your ecommerce store beforehand. Reap big benefits by preparing a checklist of features and action items for Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale, because now is the time for planning.

Avoid putting last minute sale, organize Upcoming Sales

Customers start hunting for their desired products even before the event. Over half of the US shoppers plan for their holiday shopping before BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) - RetailMeNot. Ensure that customer looking for particular gifts or products ‘finds’ you. If you put sale just before the event starts, there are chances that you may not get as much as advantage as otherwise. Create an excel sheet or Google Sheet where you can plan your Black Friday sales easily. Choose the products you want sale on, schedule start date and set price. Shopify store help facilitates in scheduling sales. Use shareable discount links (as given in Shopify), this helps in redeeming offer codes easily.

Ensure your website can handle surge of traffic

Sometimes, too many requests for a product or service, slow down the website and sometimes crashes it. Downtime during Black Friday sales time is really a bad omen. Your sales will drop drastically. So, it’s a good idea if you check your server host can bear maximum load. Usually, downtime is a rare thing if you have a good server but do check. You can check server load capacity through different online tools.

Inventory in stock, meet demand and supply

If you are relying on a supplier for the inventory or you make the product yourself, expect more orders which is why prepare / stock more for smooth flow of demand and supply. Work with your team or suppliers for handling the projected Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales. Selling out quicker and not meeting the customer demand is the worst thing which can happen during the holiday season sale.

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