Product Catalogs for Different Product Types in Magento

magento product catalogs

If you have configurable and grouped products on your ecommerce website's product catalog, you probably are looking for a way of setting up on Magento.

Magento product catalogs are best for online ecommerce merchants. This is due to the innumerable features it offers in the favor of a seller. Do check top Magento extensions.

There are different types of ecommerce product catalogs available online but we will discuss configurable and grouped ones. Now let’s see how to set Magento product catalogs for these types of products.

1- Color and size variations

Products with color and size variations fall under configurable products. Merchants utilize this type the most. You may have heard of ‘parent category’ term along with ‘child categories’ in different colors and sizes. We use them here.

For instance, you are selling shoes for which you will create a custom product page with different color and size options. There are chances that some of the shoe sizes aren’t available and in such scenarios, configurable products work best. And on the backend, there is a simple product with a different combination of colors and sizes. Guess what, this makes your inventory tracking easy against each order placed.

2- Product sets / grouped products

This falls under grouped Magento product catalogs for ecommerce website. Customer normally orders multiple things from a single product page. Such as bed sets, furniture sets etc. You can use this type for displaying multiple but related things on the same page.

Associate related items to Simple Product in the Admin Panel. Also, you can create separate product pages for the related products. A product type cannot change so make it right first time and avoid double effort. In case you want change in product type, disable the incorrect item and change SKU. After that, create a new item with the correct type. Avoid deleting products, rather disable the incorrect items. There are several reasons why you should not delete products from the catalog.

Groups products are best for upselling accessories or related items.

3- Personalized / Made-to-order products

For products with personalization feature, use Simple Product with Custom Options. It has drop down menus, fields etc. so as for product accommodation. Do remind yourself that Simple Product has single SKU in the database but you can use SKU suffix. This solution will help in reporting but not the ideal solution for an ecommerce website on Magento.

Setting up a Simple Product with Custom Options is fast for a single product and many variations. But this approach doesn’t track inventory properly and has a loophole in reporting too.


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