Product Photography Tips: Help Your Customers Visualize What They Purchase

Ecommerce store can never gain a competitive edge until and unless it focuses on the products it sells. Visitors on your store can’t touch, feel or smell a product, the only way they could sense the ‘usability and beauty’ of your product is the photography.

Fortunately, we have some handy product photography tips. Hire web designer and a professional photographer for the services. However, if you are planning on doing of your own, do consider these tips.

1- Shoot Products against a White Backdrop

White background reflects the white light on the product itself and improves the focus. Also, it prevents color splits and offers an accurate balance of colors as it sets the camera’s white balance calibration.

Use white wrapping paper sweep as the background. If you have small portable item for shoot, you can use a small shooting table. Tabletop photography is easy because you can always adjust the product with the light source, portability is the term we can use here.

Buy a sweep with the stand for larger products photography. It will offer support and will make your life easier.

2- Avoid Artificial Light Sources, Use Room with Natural Light

You need professional skills for using artificial light sources. It’s not the worth of your efforts and time for spending too much time on shooting with artificial lights. Take pictures of the products by the window or in a room with good sunlight.

If we talk about the product positioning while taking photos by the window, a window should be on the product right or left not behind or front.

Moreover, if the light in the room is intense, diffuse it with white paper sheet or curtains.

3- Reflector for Balancing the Light

Problem of using the window light is that it falls on one part (facing light) of the product. Reflect light on all parts of the product by using reflector. Use a white piece of card for eliminating harsh shadows from the frame. If you add aluminum foil over it, it will reflect more.

Use the reflector opposite to the window and find your best angle.

4- Avoid Over Editing of Products

What’s more disappointing than receiving an online product which looks opposite to what’s on the website. You won’t purchase from the website or probably will return the product.

So, avoid editing for product pages, keep products simple and realistic. Try only tweaking the product color and contrast.

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