How to Promote ICO through PR and Marketing?

There is no denying in the fact that ICO will stay for long. As previously, there was a doubt in the growth of ICO based blockchain projects. However, everybody witnessed the success of ICOs in the year 2017 and now more and more startups are adopting the ICO way for fund raising.

Only few startups are making efforts for proper PR and marketing. Mobilizing communities of cryptocurrencies (which we will talk about later) isn’t sufficient. You have to take a 360 degrees’ approach while marketing an ICO product.

There were many unsuccessful ICOs who failed as they didn’t touch their soft cap. In terms of ICO marketing, total budget is increasing with the rise in trend of ICOs. Also, initial cost of investment is rising with time.

If you are looking forward to launch an ICO, there are certain tips which may help.

1-Publish a schedule of planned ICO in specialized ICO Calendars and ICO Listings sites.

ICO organizers should post-release their tokens on specialized ICO calendar or listing sites. They should consider this as a first step towards marketing their ICO. There are many resources, easily found. For instance, if you are running an ICO on popular Ethereum blockchain platform, you can google and mark calendars accordingly.

A brief list of such ICOs is here:

  • CyberFund

(Screenshot of coinschedule)

2-Mobilize social blockchain / cryptocurrency communities.

Social networks and links are great for announcing your ICO. Don’t post in hundreds of communities without even considering if such postings will pay off or not.

Go for specialized and big communities with high number of followers. Bitcointalk is one such example. It is the place where all known ICO projects are published and announced.

Reddit is another best platform for social mobilization. Find the relevant threads such as /r/icocrypt. Further, go to Quora and start posting in discussions related to ICO, cryptocurrencies, blockchain etc.

3-PR posts and blogging help in better penetration in the market.

While you are busy generating buzz for your ICO through listing sites and communities, don’t miss doing PR and blogging. Access top-tier websites such as Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Forbes etc. If your PR post with ICO details in it gets published on any of these sources, it will boost reach and engagement.

Publish at least 5 blogs a month on different social websites. There are companies like bitcoinprbuzz offering PR posts distribution at attractive packages.

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