How to Push Customers for Mobile App Spending? Tips Nobody Will Share

Customer acquisition brings more sales and profit. We hear this over and over again but fact is, mobile app spending through current customers is more only if you keep on improving the customer experience.

Sales generation is a daunting task, but there are many ways of making it easier. Encouraging customers for mobile app spending is one of the ways.

Mobile usage is on the rise and stats suggest us that 62% of the purchases completed through smartphones in the last months. Mobile commerce will go up to 54% by 2021 in US as per the stats we researched. And this is no surprise for us because we are using smart devices more than we were in the past.

If you start encouraging your customers to buy from you, you’ll make handsome money. Hire mobile app design expert for better insight. For now, we have two useful secret tips often marketers and mobile app designers overlook.

1- Convert Your Mobile Site Visitor, Ask for Mobile App Download

When existing or a new customer visits your website, ask him for the mobile app download. Jet mobile app is an example here.

mobile web vs app

The mobile app tripled downloads just by implementing this strategy.

Sure your mobile site customers are spending money on product purchase. But if they get an easy purchase option, the mobile conversions will double.

Apps make the purchase easy. On mobiles, customer information stays stored and he doesn’t have to feed the information every time he buys.

Mobile app also opens up more payment method options. Like Apple Pay, PayPal etc. Ease of checkout is the point here; this makes customer shop frequently.

2- Sending Out Push Notifications

Customers may stay dormant even if they download the app. Keep them active on the app so that they could avail your offers, hence sales. Push notifications are one of the great ways for this purpose.

However, use push notifications strategically otherwise this method would backfire. Nobody likes their phone buzzing all the time. See the peak times of your customer visit and optimize. Only send useful information which is dire.

Send sale offers, discounts, coupons, or anything like that, it will work.

The strategy is much more effective than text messages and emails. Text promotions are considered spam and emails may not be read but push notifications are the best open rate so far.

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