Shopping Cart: A Simple Checkout Process Doubles Conversion and Sales

Mobile ecommerce optimization practices adopted last year revealed that simplicity wins big time. More design elements/ CTAs confuse user.

As we all know shoppers are inclined towards mobiles so the design and layout of checkout page must be simple. Magento merchants witnessed 8.6% increase in online shopping RPV (revenue per visitor) after simplifying the checkout process.

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The year 2018 was record setting mainly because around 54.3% of the shoppers were shopping online via mobile. Around $125.91 billion earned in November and December alone. However, only 36% of the shoppers did shopping via mobile.

One key note over here by Magento experts is that, make your online shopping sites easy and simple, especially the checkout process.

Distracted users often get confuse and may not convert

Forbes stats that 95% of the mobile shoppers give partial to little attention while online shopping. Majorly because of too many distraction elements and pop-ups.

Merchants may not hold control over external sources like television, friends, phone calls etc. But they can work on page layout and manipulation of customer behavior.

Research data based on conducting experiments on checkout optimization suggests making the checkout process as easy as possible. This means cut short the checkout steps.

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Cart page header must contain only relevant content

Merchants can increase their sales by simplifying the cart page header. Reduce number of elements in the cart header. The idea here is removal of unnecessary elements from header.

In an experiment conducted by Magento merchants, they removed all elements from checkout page header not directly related with checkout process. After that, they add elements back one by one and track results. This was done for determination of optimal balance for an uplift of RPV.

Automate your cart updates

Merchants can reduce friction in the online shopping experience of a customer. If a cart is automatically updating products and prices, then this is one of the ease you are offering to a buyer.

Online shopping must be quick and easy and buyers expect to put minimal effort while purchasing. Automatic cart eliminates manual process of adding details.

Create collapsible coupon code field

Merchants use coupon codes for increasing the conversion rate or sales. Sometimes it hurts customer while buying online. You can say, it could act as one of the distractions. In order to avoid such distraction, create a collapsible coupon code field. This way you are minimizing it and not eliminating it completely.

Checkout button can float all the times on the checkout page

Impulsive buyers often buy through easy or quick options they get while on the checkout page. You can add floating checkout button where the checkout CTA is not visible.

It’s more like having a readily available path of purchase for customers.

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4 Powerful Tips for Magento Web Store Optimization

5 Quick Tips for Making the Most Out of Ecommerce Store

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