How to Skyrocket Lead Generation through Content?

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Beside native marketing, blogging is still one of the primary ways of lead generation for B2C and B2B businesses. According to WebDAM stats, 67% more leads could be generated for B2B than those who do not blog. The figure is huge.

Let’s move on and see what types of content can act as lead magnets. Or, we can say content marketing tips and tactics.

Educational content

Your target audience might be looking for solutions, educate them via your content. It could be how-to videos, infographics any such thing.

Second, content should be in-line with your product features. You can share your expert advice in the end in order to build credibility.

E-books around popular content posts

One of the wise ways of harnessing the maximum benefit out of content is by preparing e-books. Dig down and see which of your content posts are doing well. It could be in any form i.e. videos, lists, blogs etc.

Case studies of successful projects

Write case studies on the projects where you had undertaken a challenge and resolve critical issues. Present it as a success story. Clients before handing over their projects look into the projects you have done and the way you devised a solution.

Make it easy for website visitors finding out the case studies through user-friendly navigation.

Lead magnets – pop-ups, cheatsheets, ebooks

Lead magnets are actually the irresistible offer for the online visitor on your website. It could be in any form, you can offer a free e-book, or a cheat sheet on tips, etc.

Don’t forget to place them at the right place. It could be in the sidebars. However, you can see the placement or layout with your user experience designer.

Don’t forget social media, amplify your efforts

Share your content (blogs, infographics, videos, lists, articles, PR posts etc.) on social media accounts. You can reproduce evergreen content once a week. This is a pro tip and mostly followed by the B2C and B2B marketers.

Update industry influencers

An important thing while thinking of content marketing is, updating the industry influencers about the content you are producing.

Sending them newsletters, or blogs is a way of reaching out and making them realize that you exist.

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