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It may be easy for you to think of online business ideas but execution is the key. You may have heard of CRM being populated in every other business emerging these days. But there are many ways of handling a business tactfully.

When you start a side business especially, there are some key problem areas you should address and settle before launching your product / business. Time and energy must be conserved in order to make the business process efficient.

System Automation

By small input you can harness maximum output by automating main process flows. What is ecommerce automation? It is a complete product lifecycle i.e. from customer product checkout to delivery. On top of shopping carts, there should be automation. This will reduce teamwork and improve efficiency.

Store Management

Consider hosted ecommerce platforms as solution such as Shopify and Magento. Hire Shopify expert or Magento expert, they can make the hosting of an ecommerce shop easy and offer user friendly features.

Point is, your ecommerce store must be low maintenance. This will conserve your unlimited hours on background operations.

Customer Orders Handling

Again, your customer orders must be catered with low maintenance. You should be spending as less of a time as possible. Inside Shopify store or Magento store, you can handle orders with minimum efforts involved. A dedicated orders dashboard (Payment status, order number and fulfillment status etc.) has all the functions defined, making things a lot easier.


You can scale your Shopify or Magento or WooCommerce or any other ecommerce websites / platforms with addition of features plugins. Customization and personalization of such ecommerce websites can be done through experts.

In order to make money online, we suggest start off your business by thinking of scalability later. Just kickstart. Take one step at a time and scale as you move forward.


Side business or small business is always conscious of cutting costs. What’s the point of hiring big team and make unlimited processes, consuming most of the hours of the day? Automation, ecommerce hosted platforms and proper order handling as we suggested above will cut costs.

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