How to Steal Competitor’s Web Traffic and Leads? (Part 1)

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In order to convert your visitors into customers, there must a consistent flow of visitors. Optimizing a web page isn’t an easy task. One of our mutual concerns is getting to know how our competitors are driving their traffic and attracting leads.

There are multiple SEO tips and ways of doing it, how about we take you step by step? Okay, let’s get started.

SEMRush tool setup

First setup SEMRush tool, that is login and create an account. There is a free but limited version available. We recommend purchasing at least the basic one. You can use it for keyword research and brand monitoring.

After the signup, go to the search bar and put the competitor’s website URL.

This tool is excellent as you will get an overview of the website. Organic and paid traffic and the keywords the competitor is ranking.

Find your competitor (in case you are not sure)

Create a list of competitor’s websites for SEO marketing. You may have an idea but it’s better jotting them down as then you can compare with the list provided by the SEMRush tool.

List of SEMRush will tell competitors based on the keywords you are planning for insertion in meta titles and descriptions of a website.

Why the list is important? The tool highlights competitors which you may not know exist.

Now, find the list of competitors by going to the organic search and then to competitors on the left side of the column.

This tool will give the list of competitors along with the list of different keywords they are attracting organic traffic.

SEO analysis

Pick one of the competitors with the most keywords ranking. Put the URL in the competitor analysis. Go to the pages which are attracting the maximum traffic.

In order to do this, go to ‘organic research’ and then to ‘pages’. This way, you will get all the pages ranking better on Google. Usually, the homepage has the most traffic percentage. However, important pages are the ones after the homepage.

Probably blog posts will be the pages attracting the most traffic. Pick one of the blog posts and check their organic traffic. The one with the most traffic probably has the best keywords and backlinks.

Now start the stealing… (Continue to part 2 of this blog post)

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