The good and the bad, Angular Vs. React

To decide which one of the JavaScript frameworks is good for a web application is confusing. Since Angular and React both frameworks are with their pros and cons. Angular being the most extensive framework with all the handy tools and best practices whereas React is a small Javascript view library. Angular and React are the two most popular Javascript libraries but there is a new kid in the block i.e. Vue.js. Although, it is new but gaining real traction in developers’ community. First thing first, we need to clear the concept that every library is meant to solve certain pain points of a developer, so we can’t say particular one is faster. However, let’s see what makes AngularJS and ReactJS frameworks popular.

1- Framework, components usability

Angular uses Model View Controller (MVC), this architecture offers: the model, the view, and the controller components. But also gives reusability of these components. React only use view layer to represent data whereas flux manages the data flow. This framework is easy to use with added flexibility. Simple programming with high performance.

2- Dependency, Angular has an edge due to ‘Dependency Injection’

Angular being an extensive framework manages dependency all on its own but React needs an additional set of tools to handle dependency. Angular has ‘Dependency Injection’ which defines how components would get a hold on their dependencies.

3- Language, extensions for ease

AngularJS uses Javascript, HTML, and CSS. React uses JavaScript and JSX. A transpiler is being used to compile .ts file to .js file. TypeScipt makes writing in JavaScript easy because of language extensions. You can embed html tags into Javascript file via JSX in React because of the syntax extension feature.

4- Data rendering and binding

Expect client-side rendering and two-way data binding in angular. Server-side rendering and single way data binding are for React.

5- React is more effective than Angular

In terms of speed, ReactJS is a better option. To track DOM changes, AngularJS develops watchers each time data binding happens. This makes the process slow especially if there are multiple requests in the queue. React has Virtual DOM which processes the changes before updating. That is why, even if the number of requests increase, the process efficiency doesn’t drop. Hence, for changes calculation, Virtual DOM is much more efficient and quick. Some popular websites on AngularJS are YouTube, Vevo, Freelancer, Weather and Sky Store. Facebook, Instagram, Khan Academy, New York Times, Airbnb and Flipkart are developed on React.

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