Tips for Making Small Business Website Effective in No Time

A website design should offer an ‘experience’ which is not only user-friendly but best SEO optimized for Google searches. Improve your small business digital presence by improving on the design.

You will go nowhere with a cluttered website and complex navigation. Hire web designer or hire mobile app designer for better performance.

Here are some tips which we can share on the basis of our experience. Just a small treat for those struggling with effective website designs.

1- Google should find your website easily

This means an SEO friendly website is a must. Uncluttered website design, clear content placement, easy navigation, proper sitemap, proper URLs structure and relevant keywords are few crucial factors for Google search. Google always strive for providing the user friendly information. If the website is difficult and doesn’t fulfill the criteria it will go down in search results.

Pick a CMS where you could build and maintain SEO parameters such as WordPress. A small business can really take benefit out of it as for Google it doesn’t matter if you are dealing at small level but if you are delivering the information.

2- A website’s best friend is its version of mobile

Mobile-first index is the requirement of the Google. It is like suicidal if your website isn’t mobile friendly. What’s website responsiveness means? It merely means adapting your website according to mobile screens. But this is not it, make sure your website offers a user-friendly experience across all devices.

3- Focus on inbound leads generation

Before purchasing a product or asking for services, customer usually does initial research which also includes comparisons. Make it easy for them via navigation. While they are surfing through the website, you can acquire their email data. As they may turn out your future prospects.

4- Consistent and professional look of a website for branding

Give your website a professional look and avoid any flashy details which don’t serve any purpose. Use colors which are dominant in your brand logo. Hire web designer and pick one or two fonts and stay consistent with them throughout the website. Graphics and images you use should comply with overall branding.

5- Finding contacts is like finding a business, make them look visible

This pointer is obvious for a website design but most small businesses overlook this factor. Show your company’s phone number and address prominently on the homepage and on all other product pages. Display contacts on top and bottom of each website page. That’s is one of the ways of getting inbound leads.

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