What are the Top 3 Successful ICOs of 2018? And What We Can Learn

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are launched on daily basis and the ICOs hype and anticipation have made them talk of the town. Every investor is closely observing the ICO trends so that he could invest in the one which will grow and bring in revenue.

One shocking thing that we observed in March 2018 as revealed by Business Insider was, ‘about half of the ICOs failed or crashed’. So the primary question playing in the minds of investors is what makes an ICO a success or a failure? The coin or a token ‘utility’ makes or breaks an ICO. If the investor can buy or sell coins or tokens and they won’t find any other utility along, they may not be much interested. That is one core factor we have identified besides other.

Moreover, many ICOs fail because they don’t offer real-world solutions. Also, they don’t have a good pitching idea. Security and scalability issues were common too in some failed ICOs.

Hire ICO expert because defining the success in ICOs is tricky. Is it about raising the most funds? Or building a loyal customer base? Or is it about the best product idea? Here is the list by CryptoSlate depicting the figures of raised money.


Source: Coinschedule

Let’s move on with some of the top ICOs of 2018.


After successfully running presale and private sales, their public sale took only 66 seconds to achieve their token cap. Their concept on decentralized autonomous organizations is what makes them different. Their product DAOs don’t need a CEO or HR Manager as the positions are filled by the free agents or members of the DAO network. The idea of this ICO made it win big.

They raised $30 million in the presale and main sale of the ICO.


Around 1.7$ billion was raised in the two private sales of this ICO hence making it the largest ever ICO in the history. The app is busy building in-app token based ecosystem for peer to peer transactions, micropayments, micropayments, file storage etc. However, many TON token holders started exchanging their tokens because of hype of fraud circulating. As there were many fake websites who were selling TON tokens.

On the positive side, Telegram ICO got popular because it was associated with a big name and investors had trust while investing.


The ICO was launched by Macau based hotel and casino corporation. Dragon Coin is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum and it was specifically designed for gamblers.

Dragon is one of the biggest ICOs investment. The Dragon Coin cashed popularity of Macau because of the prime gambling location in China for high rolling gamblers.

Dragon raised $320 million surpassing top ICO of 2017 – HDAC. The Reason why it got attention is the strict rules implied by the Chinese government for taking the money out of the country. Actually, for gambling credits, gamblers had to contact junket companies. This ICO solved gamblers credit problem, in short.

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