Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Love Shopify

Ecommerce is a billion-dollar market and every year it’s increasing by 17%. Building ecommerce store is effort-consuming but, with self-hosted solution of Shopify, you don’t have to look any further.

Though there are inbuilt themes but they don’t always work. If you are ‘customer-centric’ company, you would definitely opt for customization. Hire Shopify developer for quick launch of a website.

Fact of the matter is, Shopify offers a generic solution and that solution may not ‘work-around’ your website theme or business ideology. However, we have seen the stats and they indicate 84% of the ecommerce apps earned revenue on Shopify.

Top reasons why Shopify is considered for building ecommerce websites are listed below.

1- Secure and Reliable

Ecommerce business deals with sensitive customer information on daily basis such as credit card details. So, there should be a secure platform where it stays safe. Keeping customer information intact and secure is the primary concern of business owners and Shopify is the most trusted and secure platform. One of the biggest advantages of self-hosting solution is that it caters with the reliability factor.

2- Customizable

There are more than 160 themes (free and paid) available and each one of them is customizable. This means, you can create new sections, change color schemes etc. For technical stack addition such as integration of emails, ticketing and more, you probably need technical team assistance.

3- Mobile-ready

Mobile visits are higher than website and it’s increasing. This is because users content consumption has expanded on mobile or smart devices over the years. Thanks to Shopify, its designs/ themes are not only limited to desktop but they are mobile friendly too.

4- Visually Pleasant

Brand gets strengthen if it has online presence but it may go the other way around. This means? Brand visual representation and handling matters a lot digitally and socially. The visual appeal of the Shopify store is amazing and emphasize more on products.

5- Marketing

Startups are always on a mission to cut their costs and what’s better than Shopify in terms of marketing tools it has. Do you know, it has integrated SEO and analytics which tells us from where customers are coming, plus their interest in particular product.

6-Easy and Affordable

Key rule for running a startup or economical business is keeping costs low and Shopify is affordable. Rather building a website with plenty of room for customization (hence increasing costs), Shopify has ready-to-use themes. Comparison with other shopping cart platforms show us that Shopify is easy and quick.

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