Top Magento 2 SEO Extensions You Should Have

magento 2 seo extensions

There is nothing wrong in saying that Magento is the best ecommerce online platform. In terms of design, presentation and handful themes, there is no denying the fact that Magento is indeed a powerhouse for commerce websites.

However, these factors can’t drive enough traffic. You need some SEO tricks and for that matter, we have listed down some top Magento 2 SEO extensions here.

1- Improved Layered Navigation

For Magento 2, there is an extension which improves the overall user navigation by offering filters. Such as, price slider, color options, brand names and other attributes. Ajax filtering in the SEO extension helps in speeding up the process of search.

Multiple filter selection expands search and making it easy for the user. For alternative navigation option, a user can create brand pages. There is no page reloads because it has Ajax filtering.

Horizontal and vertical navigation, in-stock and reviews filters, SEO friendly URLs, and handy price sliders and widgets.

2- Landing pages

Landing pages are actually channels for attracting new customers / visitors. Custom selection of products for each Magento 2 page - increases conversion rate. There are custom metadata and content fields in the extension, alongside there are SEO URLs. This boosts the ranking of the website.

Flexibility of compiling a list of products, include new landing pages to the sitemap, unique metadata and content, are few features of the landing page plugin for Magento 2.

3- SEO toolkit

Everything you need for SEO optimization of a website lies in this toolkit. Product and category pages with meta description and tags. Automatic link juice building and what not.

Breadcrumbs info, stock status, and feature rich snippets for SEO, XML/HTML sitemaps auto-generation after an update and more.

4- FAQs and product questions

Decrease support service load by having FAQs and product questions and answers on the product pages. Equip your product pages with advance FAQs, hence pave a way for boosting your SEO.

User-generated content, more customer traffic with an open-ended option of putting questions. Mobile optimization and prevention of content duplication are also there in the SEO plugin of Magento 2.

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