What is Unique Selling Proposition for an Ecommerce Business?

unique selling point

A unique selling proposition sets the product apart from the market or the competitors. To identify USP of a product or ecommerce business, find the market gap.

In marketing campaigns, online retailers clearly justify their unique selling point. What characteristic feature is you offering and no one else? Successful product campaigns never miss customer touch points where they tap on through their USP.

In businesses, competition is a natural flow. Formulating opinionated and focused USP helps in branding, copywriting and marketing decisions.

How to prepare compelling USP for a brand/business?

Be sure and assertive in your claim, generic stances or cases are often ignored but forceful claims is what customers consider. Such as ‘we are best in the industry’ or ‘we have high quality products’.

See what your customer values the most, ‘unique’ won’t pay you much if the product or service is not solving the p,problem of the user for which he cares.

More than just a slogan, USP must communicate more than one way of doing it i.e. slogan. It depicts one aspect. It should embody in your business smoothly.

You may have more than one USPs and determining how they outperform the competitors is tricky. Let’s see how to identify the unique selling proposition for an ecommerce business.

1- List down the features

Do a Google search and prepare a list of features and benefits. See what features make you different from your competitors. Here the required research is extensive.

2- What emotional need your product is fulfilling?

Think if your product is serving the emotional need of the customer. Take customer perspective in focus, not only he will trust but will feel emotionally connected.

3- Identify the features which competitors can’t duplicate

See what products or services your competitor cannot imitate. Some products are common and your competitors might be selling copies. Mark the ones which cannot be reproduced.

4- Write clear and concise phrases for branding

Prepare shootout statements and use them in your marketing campaigns, they will bridge the gap of product reach (owner-to-customer).

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