How to Use Mobile Splash Screens Successfully?

Your app launch screen is your ‘first impression’. Don’t destroy it.

When a mobile application loads, it’s the splash or boot screen which appears. Normally it has a company logo, sometimes only a name or sometimes there is a tagline too.

While we don’t see any practical advantage of the splash screen but they are the source of branding and give app the loading time.

There is an old saying that first impression lasts. No matter how old school it may sound but think of it in mobile apps scenario. It’s a welcome sort of screen which a user encounters first before getting inside the mobile application.

Key for getting the best mobile application design, there are certain elements.

1- Create Right Screen Size

Google do offer general information regarding mobile screen size. Also Apple offers set of static images which fit well with all iOS devices. This may seem like a small thing or some may say an obvious knowledge for an android developer but this is vivid mobile app user experience. (First image for android and second image for iOS screen sizes)

2- Design It Simple but Unique

Idea is, keep the user involve with it unless he gets first functional screen of the mobile app. What we can say a simple thing is, add a design with a wit factor. However, a mix of logo, dynamicity and creativity works better. Find your USP with it.

Splash screens don’t last long so avoid using text in it. It makes it heavy and difficult for reading. Don’t share idea or message through launch screen as it is not meant for the purpose.

3- Loading Time Display on Screen

Splash screen should keep user hooked by the time app launches. One way of doing is display of loading time through loading bar or circle. Notify user about the progress of the launch. If the app consumes too much loading time, no matter you keep design unique or display loading bar, user won’t stay. App loading time is the key factor driving user towards app usage.

If the app loading time is little longer, don’t take advantage by showing user ads. It gives commercial targeting impression which is bad.

4- Entertain Users

Gaming apps mostly take more time for loading. So instead of showing company logo or game logo, a splash screen can get bit quirky with design. That means, entertain users with graphics or something.

Image result for gaming apps loading time screen  

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