Some Useful Tips for ICOs Promotion

With the advent of ICOs, capital raising method will change and this will be more evident in an upcoming decade. Initial Coin Offerings is a tool for attracting great deal of amount from investors which otherwise was an upheaval task in venture capital.

Implementation of ICO is directly related to its promotion. Start a buzz beforehand otherwise failure of the ICO is obvious. Preparing whitepaper, smart contract, wallet development etc. are some of the ICO services any ICO company offers.

Let us tell you some of the useful tips for ICO promotion.

1- Add ICO Token Launch Event on Related ICO Calendars

First step in ICO promotion is placing the information of an ICO launch on popular ICO calendar sites. This helps investor mark their calendars before time.

Here is the list of some of the famous ICOs:

Cyber Funds

Do place your ICO information where you find possibility. Main reason is, journalists and tech bloggers are always on the lookout for preparing the list of top ‘x’ number of ICOs for investment.

Placing information on maximum number of calendars is the right approach towards ICO promotion. In fact, it strengthens your next step approach.

2- Start Publishing in ICO Communities

Calendars strategy is a great one, but this doesn’t mean you can expect an immediate feedback. Investors don’t get a chance to see how unique or interesting the ICO is.

Logical second step is publishing the announcement of ICOs in communities and social groups. BitcoinTalk, for instance is the specialized forum where most of the ICOs are discussed.

Quora discussions - also a good source for ICOs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain related discussions.

Social groups and communities follow some rules. But all popular communities have thousands of people which is an indication that these groups are helpful in guerrilla marketing.

3- PR Posts and Blogs

After reaching out to communities, initiate blogging where you can showcase the information related to ICOs, thus giving confidence to investors that you know what you do.

Press release is another way of updating investors what you are up to for. Spreading updates and news is the core action for ICO promotions.

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