Is UX of Your Ecommerce Website Destroying Conversion Rate?

More than 70% of the users are making purchases online. How does that impact your business? Clearly, it shows people are more into buying through their desktops and mobiles devices rather visiting brick and mortar stores.

Purchase behavior of a user has changed a lot in the last one decade. Now tell us, can you afford losing your presence online? Of course not.

Before you opt for building an ecommerce website, do consider the UX. User experience on your website creates a strong impact on his or her duration of stay i.e. retention, and the navigation.

User conversions are directly proportional to their experience.

Let’s discuss key factors for user conversions as you probably have made hard efforts in bringing traffic on your website.

First impressions last, make it valuable

It takes matter of seconds for your website to leave an impression on its audience. When a user visits a website he may have expectations, such as UX, website speed and performance, and the navigation.

Although, you may know the solution for a website speed and performance but in case of UX, you can never be sure. Especially, if you don’t know which segment of the audience to target.

However, when a user lands on a website, he should get answers for the following questions:

  • What are you selling?
  • What is your brand?
  • What is your USP/ value proposition?

Physiq Apparel is one of the finest examples. They guide users for having the best shopping experience. Meanwhile, they depict the lifestyle through product photography.

Introducing new products, user search and discovery journey

Making search easy through clickable categories and keyword oriented search queries is one thing. Second thing is introducing new products along. Don’t make it complicated for the user.

Amazon is one of the good examples. When a user searches for a particular product, it offers multiple other products as suggestions. Their product suggestion algorithms work on customized ideas by using user past browse and purchase history.

Although many UX experts propose for clean and uncluttered website design. But this option may not lead to as many options for introducing new products. has opted a balanced approach. Their interface is clean and minimalistic whereas they made their ‘best sellers’ page visible through all pages. Users can see what other like-minded people are purchasing.

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