Video Marketing: 5 Skyrocketing Ways of Making Successful Product Videos

video marketing

Marketers are hearing a lot of stats about video marketing such as: people watch 5 billion videos on YouTube daily, 1200% more social shares come from videos etc. And that’s more than text or image-based posts. Also, videos if placed on landing pages of the websites, chances of customer conversions go around 80%.

On top of all that, 80% of the video watchers can recall the ad they watched in the past month on a digital platform.

Some easy ways to start online business today, no inventory needed

Now we are clear that videos can do a lot better than other content types. So how should I create videos of my products or what should be my video marketing campaign strategy. There is nothing wrong if you are doing things from the scratch. You can make professional videos with some solid tips we are about to share in this blog post.

Tell a story and don’t push for sales

There is a lot of selling videos clutter over the internet, your customer is already consuming such videos and may be irritated. Don’t be direct with the sales strategy through your video marketing campaigns.

Try to tell a story and don’t be hard for sales. The rule is same as of content marketing for videos. Appeal to your customer’s hidden desires and needs. This won’t take away your lead, because you can always place a tracked call-to-action URL at the end of the video.

Example here is of Warby Parker’s eyeglasses. The video is telling a story along with sharing the brand ethos, culture and the customers they engage.

Focus on first 10 seconds of the video

Most of your viewers click away if they don’t find the video interesting. Stats say, 1/5th of the customers leave the video if it doesn’t captivate them. Short and crisp first part of the video it must be, that’s what even video marketing experts recommend.

Hook the audience by asking questions or builds curiosity by making short teasers. A video should quickly convey its value and communicate why it should be watched further.

You can use humor, don’t be boring

Social media manager at Cisco says, “Often in the corporate world, people get nervous about comedy and say it doesn’t belong here. But if it might help you get a point across efficiently and economically, why wouldn’t you try it and see if you can make it work?”

Your audience want something out of the routine, they want enlightenment, laugh etc. It’s tricky sometimes as how humor could affect the brand in itself. See an example video here.


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