How to Write ICO White Paper? Important Steps Guide (Part 1)

ICO white paper steps

Sooner or later, blockchain will going to change the world. ICO is one of the core implications of Blockchain technology. Writing ICO white paper is the first step towards its development.

ICO has grown so much so that ICO development guidelines are there in the market. And these guidelines tell us that preparing a solid white paper is a path towards a successful ICO.

White paper is same like a marketing pitch for an online investor and not just that, also a business plan. Mainly because it guides a startup about the actions it will going to take in the future.

A white paper gives a prospective client an opportunity for project’s potential assessment. Also, it helps ICO investors in making investment decision.

Writing whitepaper for ICO develops validation for investors. A trustworthy relation between ICO owner and the investor can be developed. Each and every stage of ICO is explained in the document. What’s the idea, blockchain technology stack, reliable and professional team and the roadmap of ‘how to achieve’. You devise different ICO sales i.e. private and live ICO. Number of tokens and their division into different sales’ stages for an ICO. What is the worth of the token and how the value will upgrade? All is there in the ICO white paper.

Here are few steps necessary for writing ICO white paper.

Step 1: Prepare an abstract

Ask yourself certain questions for preparing an outline draft. Length of the abstract is advisable from 150-250 words

1- Who am I addressing to? Target audience

2- What are the biggest challenges and necessities of a project?

3- What problems will be resolved in the document?

4- What are the inferences and propositions of the white paper?

Step 2: Introduction

An introduction must clearly state the problem and the proposed decision for resolving that problem. In the previous step, you must engage your target audience, so that they read-on. (Well, what’s the purpose of writing white paper if the investors don’t read).

For composing a proper introduction here are few pointers.

1- Highlight the problem by showing how centralization is inefficient.

2- Use facts for illustration of your points.

3- State the current situation and how the problem can be solved.

Step 3: Market consideration

Share market analysis, investors need information on what’s the market condition. Consider these pointers.

1- What is the real condition of the market?

2- What are my customer considerations?

3- What are the advantages of the proposed solution in the current market?

4- What structure or data can be used for trigging the interest of the market?

For ICO marketing, here are few useful tips.

How to Write ICO White Paper? Important Steps Guide Part 2

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