You should start with the site structure, here’s why?

If you want more traffic to come to your website, you should have one site structure defined. Or we can simply say, site visitors and Google should get a good sense out of your website. Structures are the crucial part of SEO. Get the site structure wrong and see how your target audience will totally miss the website or even if they find it, may struggle with finding a particular product or service. Although there are different types of website structures but pick the one that best serves your need. Four basic types of website models/ structures are:


     Such websites have broad set of information divided into parent pages and then further segmented into child pages. Also, these models are best for handling complex set of information and resemble organizational structures. Usually, there is a home page and then linked menu pages.


  Website visitors can lead from one page to another via sequence. The site only moves visitors forward or backward unlike hierarchical model.  


Matrix model doesn’t limit a user to a particular sequence or navigate them to parent or child categories, rather it let the user go wherever he wants to. These structures are nontraditional and not so popular.


In order to handle large user data such as e-commerce websites, database model is being used. It involves dynamic website structuring to ease out the user in finding a product or service. Now after knowing different types of website structures, you get a clear picture what type to consider. However, you might be thinking why should I start with the website structure. First, the process of designing ‘how a user/ site visitor will navigate through the website ’ improves user interface (UI), the usability thing. Second, website structures ‘explains’ the user navigation and how easily they reach to the product/ service of their need. Though website structures never guarantee better usability but they help in devising one. Third, for a clutter-free and focused website, structures certainly help. Also, structuring is an ongoing process, Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular plugins which helps in structuring the website. Fourth, the ranking of a website in top search engine result pages (SERPs) is just evaluated on website traffic being produced but also on website architecture/ structure. Henceforth, we can deduce that a properly designed website structure never let the user to wander around but helps him in reaching to the right product destination.

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