Your Brand Is Your ‘Promise’ to the Customer

Branding is the single most important element for an organization to develop an identity. Direct response marketers often into generating leads and sales, while in the process, they overlook the importance of online branding. Let us tell you, neglecting to invest in online branding is a mistake.

Reputation and visibility in the marketplace could be improved with careful and strategic online brand development. At its core, we consider following elements in brand building process.


1- Customer

It all starts with the customer, we consider multiple factors such as age, gender, interest, disposable income, and estimated frequency of purchase. We identify ‘opportunity’ and ‘challenge’ and help through digital solutions. Social channels are the most used communication channels through which we raise awareness for the newly establish brands and compel visitors to buy for brands already established.

2- Identity

Logo is a visual marker of a brand and of course, we know the fact that there is much more. Fact of the matter is; it instantly connects customer with the brand. Logo has the tendency to create curiosity, affinity and connections. Another important aspect when we talk about identity is naming. In digital marketing this causes the most impact on user search queries, hence on website /portal traffic.


3- Competitors

Being digital gurus, we first do competitor analysis while working on branding process. This is the key because here we differentiate brand image, message and approach that we can carry for the brand in future. Our digital channels and tools makes it easy for us to do thorough analysis and recommend branding pathways.
Our competitor analysis gives key insight into following:

  • Social networks to target for branding
  • Key search terms competitiveness
  • Content marketing plan
  • Value propositions to which a business commit
  • Identify unique market gaps a brand can fill

4- Product/Service Message

A brand should have its one unique voice which should not lost in an ocean of brands present online. We give that voice to you. We bring consistency in delivering information like articles or blogs etc. Proper optimization on social platforms and search engines via content strategy is another vital part of our digital marketing efforts.

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