Cloud Offers Big Traction for Businesses

Don’t you want to store, share and backup your company’s digital assets to somewhere secure? Cloud storage is the safest and affordable option to do so.

It is a service model where data is maintained, backup remotely and made available to users over the network. We build and operate cloud infrastructure on the basis of capacity, security and the longevity in order to make data accessible to all the valid users.


Cloud Storage Types

Cloud services we provide could be differentiated on the basis of location i.e. public, private, hybrid, and community cloud. Also, our services vary depending upon the type such as, IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), security management, testing-as-a-service, etc.

An Infrastructure to Handle Discrepancies

Our cloud storage services are transforming cost of ownership. There is no need to purchase hardware infrastructure or capital saving in case of discrepancies. Add or remove capacity on demand, performance and retention characteristics are subject to change as per client’s requirement.


Ready-to-Use Solutions

Development teams have to execute heavy softwares and their performance shouldn’t be hindered by poor infrastructure. Our SaaS services are ready-to-use solutions and the cloud storage let businesses to quickly execute with exactly the amount of storage they need. This solution helps companies to focus on more complex application issues rather worrying about managing storage systems.

On-Going Cloud Security

Availability and security part of cloud storage is on-going and requires right amount of scrutiny. All data being stored is readily available to the clients whenever they want. Production data and archives are two different types but our ideal cloud storage offers balanced retrieval times and cost.

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