Our Team of Gamers are ‘Thinkers’ & ‘Doers’

Our staff of designers and developers work around the clock to bring blockbuster console games into the market with the power to generate more revenue. The process of game development should revolve around one question, Is it fun? If it’s fun, it’s playful. So, our core focus is to ‘turn ideas into vision’.

We have a large number of in-house skilled people led by project managers. So, the work consistency never breaks or overlaps. Artists, designers, programmers and animators work in separate team and each one of them brings a specific skillset to the table. Teams follow the agile methodology to complete a project.



Each and every game has an idea which needed to be realized. Once the idea is finalized, we do the documentation because it serves as a blueprint for designers and developers; also they draw inspiration at any given point in game development process. Game concept could be based on original idea, sequel, or licensed based titles (they maybe from books, movies etc.).


Primary designer first creates the wireframes, the initial stage where UI elements are placed in the game screens. First version of the design will be assessed based on idea document in cohort with others, if it’s achievable with some tweaks then it gets the approval.

After which, developers come into picture. They start working on the development software, and in parallel, they prepare a detailed technical report explaining what sort of technology stack will be used in the game along with the procedure /steps to be followed. Artists work on the lines of designers and produce artwork, but under supervision of original creators/designers.



This phase requires the expertise at its best, and where all our departments are engaged to work simultaneously. Tools programmers, UI programmers, and AI programmers start working in cohesion. Artists and animators are assigned to work on characters’ movements, animations, backgrounds, interface designs, texts screens etc.

Audio department adds necessary sounds and noises to the game. Voice of the characters, background sound, interface music etc. add ‘feel’ to a game. Producers and project managers make sure that all the tasks are done on time and resolve hurdles if they spot any.

Post Production

Game after development goes to testers who play the game and highlight bugs. Graphics and gameplay are tweaked in this phase too, after that, game is sent for launch or deployment to the play store. Games after release may contain bugs which may be missed during testing. So, over the period of time necessary game patches / updates are released over the play store.

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