Valuable & Consistent Content Approach

For any business website, design and usability factors are crucial but content plays decisive role. Effective content is the one which engages and entertains your target customers to achieve business goals. Similar to a website color and fonts consistency, a content should have its own voice. However, voice varies with the type of content needed to be produced.


Research and Information Gathering

A thorough research on given subject is made and it has been ensured that the unique content is written which isn’t present online or offline. For content types, like marketing proposals, newsletters, where dependency lies on a client, we gather all relevant information.

We do play on goals, for instance, a website in the form of business card lacks clear sales purpose. We define goals and objectives before starting the writing process. Apart from client, article length, titles, articles writing style, keywords are also brainstormed in the research phase.

Target Audience

Customer personas are prepared especially if the content is meant for the marketing purpose. This way, interests, demographics, behaviors of the end user can better be measured and expected outcome could be retrieved via content. We know Google favors and acknowledges user friendly content in its ranking, which is why we opt for best practices.



Structure of a content depends on the type or the medium for which it is being created. If the content is meant for the web, it has to be direct with a clear message. Keywords placement is integral part of content structuring. Our digital team sit together to finalize the keywords and article / blog structure.


Content preparation takes time especially if it is meant to attract visitors. Content should be optimized not only text-wise which means adjusting the right keywords and avoiding keywords spamming but images being used should be properly tagged. Also, we use meta titles and tags along with internal and external linking in the content optimization process.


Copy Editing / Proof Reading

We discard any irrelevant or off the guard information being used in the written piece of content. Refinement helps in de-cluttering the content and it keeps it targeted on the topic. We do check it for the quality, a phase where all the produced content goes through ‘proof reading’.

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