No More Cold Calling, Gain Hot Sales’ Leads

Make the most out of our 360-degree CRM integration services as it’s a whole package for a business from any industry. Marketing campaigns, customer interactions and sales can readily be increased after synchronization of sales and marketing information related to leads status, mail campaigns and more.


Determining CRM Vision and Building a Project Team

First, we build vision for clarity, why do you need CRM system? What major problem CRM will address? Etc. should be brainstormed before starting development. We set high goals as benchmarks for the project and later set key success metrics for future analyzation.

Most of the organizations’ departments are involved in more than two CRMs due to their work nature. Projects teams are part of the initial planning stages while we engage stakeholder, so do we bound project teams to be part of planning and development stages from the very first day.

Prioritization of CRM Goals

Instead of handling quite a long list of features to be deployed in one go, we recommend ‘phased approach’ as it emphasizes on enhanced performances. Some of your goals may be much more important than the other ones, so we plan realistically in terms of resourcing and budget. After gaining early success, next phase execution will be maintained and easy.


Pain Points Mapping

What pain points of a business should a CRM fix? We suggest to map out flow of each of the step being part of the process. This also presents an opportunity to look out ‘how well current programs are working’ and identifying areas of improvement. This reduces effort and improve processes’ automation.

Tracking CRM Record

In the planning phase, we determine the factors such as information CRM has to track and what reports, charts and dashboards will be required. Consider which fields CRM record should track, don’t over-do as excessive fields may cause barrier for user adoption and affect success measure metrics.


Data Preparation and Integration

Prepare data which should be added for in the newly developed CRM. We help resources to consolidate data for migration to CRM. Data import, filtering, matching duplication rules set, etc. are crucial. After data got prepared, we ask and suggest which one of the company’s app has to be integrated with CRM and what would be the data flow. If our client wants single relationship view, CRM is being integrated with external data source.


Sales and marketing results can be achieved through seamless integration of CRM. Here’s what we do specifically.

  • Integration with other enterprise applications
  • Quick implementations, fast ROI
  • Tasks streamlining and connectivity, no need to re-enter data each time
  • Increase lifetime value of a product
  • Optimized communication between customers and clients
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Flexible open architecture
  • Perform targeted sales operation
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