Out-of-the-Box 2D & 3D Desktop Games

Nevertheless, mobile games are a lucrative proposition for investors because of the large number of users playing games on the handy device. However, desktop or laptop games are captivating still huge masses. Due to high-end improvements in the hardware of the desktop games over the period of time, we are receiving more game development requests.


Game Idea and Documentation

Idea of the game is basically the initiation of the development process. It could be a totally new idea or inspired from some other game. We help in finalization of the idea and documentation. It must draw out key points such as, targeted players, USP of the game, would the game be able to fulfill the requirement of the players, engagement elements, etc.

Storyline building, development of lead characters, theme and story plot comes in idea refinement. Game goal and controls are also defined. First comes the overview of the game and then the building blocks of the game. Overview of the document will consist of game mechanics, settings, interactions, technology etc.

Prototyping and Design Architecture

Playable prototype is developed after the documentation, the initial user interface to see if it goes with the concept and if it’s realistic to achieve game mechanics. The prototyping phase helps in comparing the rough art with the game significant parts, to see if it resembles the game document or not.

Functions of the game evolves as we move forward to the game development side. Looks and the behavior of the characters may be different than the initial plan. Based on modular approach, we offer highly flexible architectural solutions to be done during the development phase.


Testing and Implementation

Art designers prepare game play, menus and promotional artwork whereas programmers work on the logic based in the designed UI/UX of the game. Before deployment to different targeted platforms, our team of testers test desktop game and see if they find a bug. If the game is bug free and QA approved, it is then launched on the play stores.

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