A Cohesive Front for Customers & Leads

How many times have you lost on potential leads due to lack of timely communication? Business organizations which respond on time seals the deal. Majority of the client communication happens on emails and that’s where email integration comes in.

Also, it’s mandatory to maintain a coordination within the team for smooth flow of work. Even with regular meetings and updates, there are great number of chances that you will miss out vital information.


Accurate Communication and Leads Maturity

We sync your emails to a central CRM and get all sorts of communication at one place for more accurate communication and leads maturity. It’s easy to track all of your emails being sent and received once you have the dashboard. We connect emails automatically with the contacts and the leads, so that a user has full overview of what’s up with the prospect. Email templates, email tracking, email sync, and smart email are some of the features we offer inside this service.

Email Configuration, Customize Options

Start tracking your emails at one place in just few steps. It takes only few minutes to setup incoming and outgoing emails. We can integrate marketing, sales and CRM tools with your email service providers. There user data could be synced and we create hybrid and customized solutions, whichever way suits the business needs of the client. Basic purpose is to empower client’s workforce and their technology linking them through single interface.


Sales Leads Quality Monetarization

Consistency related to what is communicated in leads emails and how it should be maintained. We help sales teams to keep tight controls on what is sent out by sales representatives to leads. With email tracking, user will receive notification as soon as he gets an email, therefore, responses could be matured in real-time. Client will be notified if his users are clinking the links and where did he click to check for follow-up.

Email Templates

We ensure businesses get significant personal touch even when they are sending emails in bulk. You can ask us to customize your emails or pick our read-to-use templates. Either way, you will be more focused on what should be discussed in the email rather than the look and feel, which should be corporate.


Full Information Control

A complete dashboard of emails can be seen by the client as who sent the email, who received it, weekly/monthly sales’ gains etc. Associated emails and contacts could be seen in team groups. User can alter default settings from ‘shared’ to ‘private’ as per the requirement.

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