A Popular Method of Online Marketing

Marketers know the basics – personalization of email copy, call to actions pops, segmentation of user lists etc. In doing so, they often overlook the most important components of email marketing. Let us highlight one – ‘the visual appeal’. We do prepare email marketing plans but we give a little extra advice on how to fill your blind spots.



Next sales, ebooks, webinars, product or event announcement, free trail and the list goes on. In this email, we promote particular marketing offer but one single offer along with CTA directed to targeted landing page. When we design such emails our core focus remains on the offer itself. Copy remains brief but descriptive enough to convey the message.

Product Update

Product emails are not that interesting like offer emails that’s why we keep these emails simple and straightforward. We send weekly or monthly product digests of companies who rigorously update their product line. It doesn’t matter that your customer base is loyal, it’s still a task to learn about how to use new features? And nothing is best than a weekly roundup of product updates.



Do you regularly post a business blog for your company? Or Are you a media outlet? No matter in which category your business fall, we suggest sending weekly or monthly roundup of articles or blogs. Images paired with headline, brief summary and CTA for reading more is an ideal format we follow in such scenario.

Welcome Emails

First email after subscriber fills in his details and confirm, he should receive an enticing welcome email. Because, it is the first interaction of a customer in his inbox, we try to make it memorable and not just send email for the sake of it. Our research says, subscribers are more likely to open welcome emails than any other type of email. We grab the chance to offer free trails of a product, learn about a brand’s story, etc.


Re-engagement Emails

It is a possibility that some of the subscribers are less engaged, main reason could be lack of interest, it being a long since from your last email update, or whatever is the reason, we try to re-engage them at some other break point. Through these emails we win back our old or inactive customers back.

Lead Maturation Emails

We use these emails to nurture leads through marketing funnel. Particular group of contact having an interest in clients’ services or products is researched and identified. Relevant and targeted content is sent out in a tightly connected series of marketing emails. Such emails conversion rate is good because our follow-up is strong.

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