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Google AdWords has the tendency to make any company successful in just short amount of time. Though, to find the right balance between how much to spend and how usefully, is the question mark. It’s a paid advertising or paid per click (PPC) campaign on Google in which we hold years of expertise. Every aspect of your marketing campaigns is measurable right down to stats like number of clicks, number of impressions, cost per click, conversion rate, click through rate (CTR) and click through acquisition (CTA).


AdWords Campaign Management

Once we made the AdWords campaign live, there are three main areas of interest. Ad targeting, ad copy and landing pages. Together they revolve around many key points to make a brand earn. In the initial campaign setup, we use targeted keywords to attract ideal customers. Other targeting factors we consider are: geographic location, time of day, frequency, device etc.

Ad copywriting in context of common search terms is crafted and it consumes a lot of time and effort. First drafts normally do not last long as we continually test and update our campaigns.

Google Search Ads

A fastest and secure way to start ranking a website or a portal on Google search results. Setting up a search ad in AdWords isn’t complicated but where comes our efficiency is analyzing results by testing ads and giving output on small or minimal budgets. We keep an eye on analytics report and never miss a chance to capitalize.


Google Display Ads

Display ads reaches up to 90 percent of the global internet users, as claimed by Google. This figure is huge which is why we rely on display ads to capture wider audiences. Images, audio, video etc. correlate and communicate. Rich media, banner ads and more are prepared for display networks.

Remarketing Search Ads

Customization of search ads for people who already had visited your website is how we do ‘remarketing’. Bids and ads are tailored through this form of marketing to hit old visitors when they start searching on Google or partner sites. We optimize bids for current keywords and bid on ‘not-so-common’ keywords.


Remarketing Display Ads

Our dynamic remarketing tactics help retailers to re-sell their product-specific ads. Extra settings and reports are analyzed by our digital marketers and wise strategies are then prepared. In display network, we believe remarketing can do wonders, want to know how? Come and explore.

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