An Integrated Solution for a Hospital

To manage a multi-specialty hospital with outdated processes would not just pile up work but would hinder the efficiency of doctors, nurses, and the administration staff. However, our latest healthcare management system has made it all hassle-free.


Classification of Doctors’ Information

Logged Appointments Calendar View

Generate doctor’s data based on his or her areas of specialty. Logged doctors’ appointments are listed in a calendar view. Alerts or notices could be created from admin panel.

Drugs Management Panel

Availability & Billing

Manual tracking of expenses always has the chance of human error. Our pharmacist panel keeps track of medicines’ record which includes, availability, billing, invoicing etc.


Laboratory Panel

Blood Bank Status

When a doctor prescribes any medical test, the information gets updated and received by the laboratorist directly via our system. Our laboratorist panel keeps statuses of blood bank and blood donor updated.

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